Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom week 2 - and a FREEBIE!

This week's challenge on the Clutter Free Classroom Project is to create a plan for decluttering your classroom. The questions posed on the CFC blog provide a good outline for my plan:

-What do you plan to do with your "stuff" that you no longer want?
I'll be sorting between keep, give away, and throw away/recycle. Keeps and throw aways are self-explanatory. For give aways, I'm going to put items I don't want, but other classrooms may be able to use, on our "free table" at school. The items that don't get taken from the table I'll bring to Goodwill.

-What are your rules for purging?
1. If it's broken or worn out, throw it away or recycle. Don't think I'll fix it later. I won't.
2. If it doesn't apply/is not appropriate for my current disability level, it's gone. If I switch disability levels sometime in the future (not something I anticipate anytime soon), I can get/create more stuff.
3. If I or my students have not used it within this school year or the last, it's gone.
4. If it actually belongs to the {physical therapy, speech, etc.} department, get it out of my room and back where it belongs.
5. Only keep one hard copy of printables. If I have a digital copy, consider not keeping a hard copy at all. The copy machine and printer are there for a reason!

-What have you gathered to make your decluttering task easier?
I downloaded Clutter Free Classroom's decluttering tags and got some clear bins for sorting. Other supplies I might need (cleaning supplies, note-taking stuff, trash bags, etc.) I already have and/or can get at school.

Head on over to the Clutter Free Classroom Project and share your own plan!

Also, I'm excited to be sharing my very first freebie! I've mentioned that our January unit is "Staying Healthy," and we've been talking about germs, being sick, nutrition, how to stay healthy, etc. Well, this is a math center activity that focuses on counting groups 1-12, using adorable germ clip art from Scrappin Doodles. Below is a photo of how I set it up for my kiddos:
And you can click on the link below to download the printable free from TPT:
Germs Clothespin Counting Activity

I'd love to know if you download and what you think!

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