Sunday, January 8, 2012

in which Target is dangerous

I had a gift card to Target, which is always a wonderful and dangerous thing. So that was definitely on my must-do schedule for yesterday.

Not far from Target is, however, the Dollar Tree. This is the best dollar store ever, in my opinion. Great for the bargain-hunting teacher (and everything really is a dollar, unlike some other "dollar" stores). My finds from yesterday included:

Two oval bins, which I'll use for our daily learning center materials, two packages of foam counting blocks, two clear storage containers for manipulatives, and some cute Valentines Day stickers, doilies, etc. that we'll use when we make Valentine cards for our buddies at our sister school.

And then there was Target. Of course, their Dollar Spot is a dangerous and beautiful place for a teacher:

Pack of three pencil cups for sorting/categorizing, 5 packages of food erasers, two crazy-cute clipboards, and a workbook of same/different - I have a few kiddos who need some major practice on this concept!

Of course, I am incapable of going to Target and only staying in the Dollar Spot. It's a problem, really. I've been thinking about getting a laminator for a while now - and I had a gift card. I think you know what happened next.

Got home with my shiny new Scotch Thermal Laminator (no, this is not an advertisement!) and promptly tried it out on some of the new materials I've been working on to include in our current "Staying Healthy" unit:

"Germs" and "Feeling Sick" patterning strips (adorable clip art from ScrappinDoodles)

Healthy/Unhealthy food sort, using the Target food erasers and pencil cups (pie and apple clip art from KPM Doodles; graphics for the Healthy Eating book I created to go with it are from Choose My Plate)

I love the laminator! It's super easy, fast, and I think I'm addicted to the thicker/sturdier result than you get with the standard school laminating machines. My kids won't immediately crunch the materials just because they happen to have high muscle tone or imperfect fine motor :) I can't wait for the kiddos to use these activities soon!


  1. I was at the Dollar Spot and missed those erasers! DARN ITTTT! I did find some fruit and veggie magnets, not the same though, I love that healthy vs not healthy sort! It's great!

    Are you sharing your "staying healthy" unit? Or the materials you are supplementing it with?

  2. great idea for using the erasers! I love target, come by my blog to check out my Target gift card giveaway!

  3. Rachel - I can't share the "staying healthy" unit as is, as many of the materials and graphics are copyrighted to the curriculum we use, but I'd love to share the supplemental materials I'm making! I just need to figure out the logistics/tech/terms of use stuff. Stay tuned!

  4. I think you should email them to me:)

    What curriculum do you use?

  5. I love my laminator too! Much better than the flimsy lamination we get from the big machine in the library. :) Great finds!


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