Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are we there yet?

Parent-teacher conferences are over for another year. It's been a long week already, with three late nights at school! I had very few conferences this time, since I've had so many IEP meetings in the past couple weeks and those parents don't come in again for conferences.

In fact, I had no conferences scheduled tonight, so it was purely a work night with my classroom staff in the room. We totally organized our student work cupboard and our office area, too. I forgot to take photos, but I'll have to tomorrow. We also had a cookout! It's been summer weather lately in Michigan (still in the 80s at 8:30pm!), and now I've had my first grilled burgers (bean burgers for me - I'm vegetarian), potato salad, and watermelon of the season!!! In March! We are lucky to have a classroom with a back door to outside, so we set a grill out back and my non-cert's boyfriend grilled for us while we cleaned and organized. Talk about a great deal! I'll chalk that up as a fantastic conference night! ;)

Being so late at school also means we finally got to meet our night custodian. She is new to working at our school, and is absolutely fantastic!!! She goes way above and beyond, even going so far as to doing our classroom laundry for us (and folding it, too!) if we haven't had a chance to do so before we leave for the day - all because (as she says) she wants us to feel good when we walk into the classroom in the morning. She is such a blessing! She even left our kids treat bags on Valentine's Day. We have taken to writing notes back and forth with her, but have never met her, so it was fun to put a face to a name tonight. We invited her to our cookout dinner and had a great time getting to know her a bit.

In money unit news, Michelle at The 3am Teacher has an absolutely wonderful clip art set of US currency out! It came at the perfect time! Gorgeous and - most importantly to my very visual and literal kids - realistic images of coins and bills...It's awesome. Go check it out! I am in the process of sprucing up all the supplementary materials I've made for our unit with her clip art, and I hope to have it uploaded to TPT sometime this weekend. Here's a little preview of one of the word work activities:

...And it's T-minus 9 days until I'm in Mexico for Spring Break...but who's counting?!


  1. I love the story about the night custodian! People might think that being a custodian is not too important of a job, but people who spend time in schools know its a lot of hard work... and this story shows how much they can make a difference to the kids, even though they don't directly work with them!

  2. What a great idea to do dinner with a clean out/reorganization day. I may have to get my Mr. to come play chef while we work on my room!

    I'd love to include your blog on the "Blogs We Love" for the collaborative blog I write with our school's speech therapist (I'm a Special Ed teacher). I'd like to have your permission first. Check us out at and shoot me an email if it is ok with you!

    1. Kelley - thanks so much! I'm going to check out your blog and be in touch, for sure :) I love linking up with other special educators!



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