Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's get political - political (plus a freebie!)

(I apologize if now you've got Olivia Newton-John's song - or that disturbing music video - in your head after that subject line...And if you didn't before, well, now you know just how bad at puns I really am.)

A fair warning: this is a post about current politics. If that's not your cup of tea, just feel free to pass this by. There's an Easter egg freebie at the end, so go ahead and skip to that! I promise I won't do this often - if ever again! Who knows. I much prefer to talk about teaching - but this is important enough I wanted to mention a few things about it.

So, attention Michigan teachers: I'm sure you know there is current legislation in Lansing that is aimed at stripping unionized teachers (and all other unionized workers) of our collective bargaining rights. This is very similar to what happened last year in Wisconsin. Now, I don't think my union is perfect or anything...but I'm sure glad they've been there since I've been employed to negotiate a contract for me and my negotiate salary, health care, working hours, etc...It's scary that collective bargaining is being taken away from workers! I want a say in how I'm treated by my employer...I don't want legislative muckety-mucks in Lansing who know nothing about educating children dictating how I'm compensated and I receive health I can bid or be bid out of a job...whether or not my job will be retirement benefits...and so on and so forth.

There is a chance to stop this stripping of collective bargaining rights. If the current Protect Our Jobs petition gets enough signatures, an amendment to the state constitution protecting bargaining rights will go on the November ballot. This is our best chance, and a pretty good one, I think! At our building union meeting this afternoon, we each got a signature collection form. It can be signed by any registered voter in Michigan, not just union members. If you have not gotten one, or had a chance to sign the petition yourself, ask your school union representative, or contact the MEA directly.

Here is a link to info from the MEA about the petition.

Okay, I promise I'm done with the political talk now. Freebie ahead!

We did this Easter egg addition activity today - and typically, I forgot to take photos in the classroom, so I recreated it on my dining room table tonight. It's a simple/typical Easter egg activity - I had a set of 18 plastic eggs from the Dollar Tree, and I wrote a number (1-6) on each, paired with its corresponding dice dot pattern. I filled each egg with the right number of manipulatives (decorative jewel rocks, again from the Dollar Tree). The kids took turns rolling two dice, finding an egg that had the two numbers on them, and adding to find the sum. All but one of my kids are just at the counting stage of math, so they used the jewel rocks to count. My one kiddo who is doing addition was able to add more typically, but all could participate!
If you're going to do a similar activity and want the recording sheet we used, I uploaded it to Scribd for you to snag:
Egg Addition
Graphics are from KPM Doodles and From the Pond.


  1. Fun!! I really like this! (the Easter Egg game that is) :)


  2. It is really so sad that state legislature keeps bogging down educators. I know so many great teachers who have decided to leave the profession due to politics in education and district policy!

    On to better thoughts...Thank you for sharing the freebie! I love how the recording sheet is set up very simple with a touch of cuteness! Too bad I am not teaching this year!


    The 3AM Teacher

  3. I feel you on the politics. As a current WI teacher, I remember what happened 13 months ago very clearly. As the first state to start unions, to have bargaining stripped away is more than a little scary and frustrating. I'll be thinking about all you MI teachers, hope you have better luck than WI!

    We are ALL Special!


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