Sunday, March 25, 2012

money, and an Easter freebie!

I finally got my money unit materials all spruced up, thanks to amazing coin and dollar clip art from Michelle @ The 3am Teacher! I posted them at TPT, if anyone is interested:

You can click the images to go to each activity bundle.

I also have an Easter-themed patterning freebie for you all...using adorable clip art from KPM Doodles, of course:
ABAB, AABB, AAB and ABC patterns all included. Again, click the image to snag it for free - enjoy!

I'm excited for those of you who have been able to see the Hunger Games movie already...I might have to wait until after spring break to see it, myself. I can't wait!! (Four school days left until spring break for me...but who's counting?!)


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  2. Thank you for the shout out and I love what you did with the graphics! I also love Kirsten at KPM doodles, she has got mad skills as well!!!

    I will pin this as soon as I get in the office. This is the first time I am responding from my iPad...

    The 3AM Teacher

    1. You're welcome - and thank you! I always adore your graphics!!


  3. Thanks for the freebies! I am definitely going to use the patterning activity in my Easter theme after spring break. Might also use the money activities since some of the kids are learning about money!

    1. You're welcome - hope you enjoy your spring break!



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