Friday, March 16, 2012

show me the money!

As part of our unit on economics, we joined with two other classrooms and put on a bake sale yesterday and today. The kids decorated posters to advertise, helped bake items, ran the cash register...We didn't expect to make much money - really, it's about the experience more than anything - but we were shocked at the final count this afternoon to find we made over $80!! Now we need to figure out what to do with our profit. When we thought we'd only make more like $20, we were thinking along the lines of a pizza party for our, we will be able to do something a little more. The staff is going to come up with a few ideas and have the kids vote.

But more important than the money we made was the experience...

Yesterday, the sale was happening during part of our physical therapy time, so we quick made some small signs and had kids do real-time advertising while walking in pacers and riding bikes through the halls!

Some of the spread - we went with a St. Patrick's Day theme, of course! Shamrock sugar cookies, rainbow cupcakes, green Rice Krispies treats, Lucky Charms treats, etc...

"Fifty cents, please!"

Fun stuff! In our unit we have also been identifying and sorting coins, figuring out if we have enough money to pay for something, talking about the difference between things we need to buy and things we merely want...We have been watching and singing along to these two videos to help us learn the coins.

Money Money Money by Rhonda Crigger:

Show Me the Money by Jack Hartmann:

This youtube user, HarryKindergarten, has a lot of fun, concept-supporting videos, some with original songs and some with commercial songs. It's a great resource! 

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  1. What a great example of a relevant, authentic lesson! I bet they learned more about money, while earning it for something special, than they would have by just doing worksheets! :D


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