Saturday, April 28, 2012

What Do You Teach? linky party

Karla over at Life in Special Education is hosting a linky party for sped teachers to talk about all the things we must explicitly teach our students that other kids learn seemingly naturally...things that will never be on any sort of standardized test.

Sometimes I feel like these "other" things are what I teach most often, even though they are never officially measured (except, occasionally when applicable, on a student's IEP). So, if you've ever wondered just what it is I do all day long, in between the other "school" stuff, here's my list (not exhaustive, of course):

(All my students are 10-14 years old, and yes, these are all things I teach with this group of students.)

1. How to pull up your underwear before your pants in the bathroom.
2. How and when to wash your hands.
3. How to touch another person gently (read: how to not punch someone in the face when you just want their attention!).
4. For boys, how to pee standing up/use a urinal.
5. The importance of giving others privacy when they're using the bathroom.
6. The importance of not eavesdropping when someone else is on the phone.
7. How to ask questions of others during conversation (not just talking about your areas of interest).
8. How to select clothing appropriate to the season/weather.
9. How to use a spoon/fork/regular plate/regular cup.
10. How to ride a bike.
11. How to safely use stairs.
12. How to walk on uneven surfaces (ie, anyplace outside).
13. What side of the hallway to walk on so you leave room for others in the hallway.
14. How to show affection appropriately in different situations/locations/with different people (ie, we do not kiss at school, etc.).
15. How and when to ask for help.
16. How to deal with changes in routine/schedule.
17. How to wait your turn.
18. How to play with peers, not just alongside them.
19. How to make choices and communicate those choices.
20. The importance of being aware of what's going on around you.
21. How to handle and appropriately express emotions like excitement, fear, disappointment, anger, etc.
22. How and why to respect others' property.
23. The concept of personal space.
24. The importance of asking for permission before you touch someone else.
25. How to respond to greetings.
26. How to brush your teeth.
27. How to brush/comb your hair.
28. How to use deodorant.
29. Different strategies you can use to calm yourself down or be ready to focus.
30. How to follow a schedule.
31. How to express when you feel sick or are hurt.
32. What an emergency is and what to do during one.
33. What an emergency is not (a hangnail is not, for example, an emergency!).
34. Some alternatives to saying "I can't" when frustrated (our popular options are "I'll try," or "it's hard," or "I need help").
35. The difference between an old owie (scab or scar) and a new injury that actually needs immediate attention.
36. How to behave appropriately while in the community.
37. How to behave appropriately while riding the bus.
38. How to adjust the water on the faucet to a safe temperature.

Head on over to Karla's blog to link up!


  1. O my! I love that picture! :) I'm going to borrow that to put on my blog and will also link up to this party!!! Fun!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I love your list. You included several that I forgot on my list. It is a never ending list! :)


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