Sunday, May 13, 2012

12 on the 12th!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's 12 on the 12th Linky Party! I think this is such a fun idea for a linky...I love the peek into other bloggers' "real lives." Yes, I realize today is the 13th...but I promise I took all these photos yesterday! I just ran out of time to post them last night.

1. Birthday Kitty #1 lounging. My cats' arbitrarily chosen birthday is May 12, since the vet estimated they were about 2 months old when I got them from the shelter on July 12, 2007. They turned 5 this year!!!
2. Birthday Kitty #2. He's actually quite a handsome cat, but does not photograph well. His eyes get scary. Happy birthday, crazy eyes!
3. Trying to look for a flight to Denver over Memorial Day weekend that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! I want to go visit a good friend for her 30th birthday...but flights are crazy-expensive and mostly full by now. That's what I get for not planning ahead.
4. Local asparagus is in season at the market!! I loooove me some fresh asparagus. This sign made me laugh, because the bottom part says "Please don't break the asparagus! Asparagus Tips $19.99/lb." I guess they have problems with people doing this? Who knew.
5. Made some salad dressing for a salad I took to my mom's for our Mother's Day cookout.
6. The view out my back deck. It was cloudy and chilly for most of the day, and when the sun came out for a whole 15 minutes I ran outside and snapped this photo.
7. Typical Saturday...laundry day.
8. A bit of reading on my Nook...I've just started reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner - it's really good so far!
9. I treated myself to my very favorite salsa at the market (where I got the asparagus). Chips and fresh salsa as a snack while reading? Yes, please.
10. It wouldn't be a Saturday with some laminating and cutting going on. This is halfway through putting together Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers's adorable Say It, Count It, Add It, Write It activity.
11. Putting together some quick Olympic-themed patterning strips using stickers from address labels.
12. A workout video before a shower and bed.

I spent today with my mom, grandma, and other family, having a Mother's Day cookout at my parents' house. What a great day! I hope all the moms out there in bloggy land had wonderful days!

Psst...just one more day to enter my giveaway! :)

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