Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Olympic fever, part 2

Our curriculum (Unique Learning System) has just released their summer unit today - all about the 2012 Summer Olympics! As always, their summer unit is FREE to anyone, even if you are not a current ULS subscriber. I know there are a few of you sped friends who have been looking at the curriculum either personally or as a sped staff, so this would be a great time to check out what a unit actually looks like. Also good for any sped teacher who's teaching summer school/year round/ESY. Hey, even if you use just a couple of the lessons, free is always good, right?

{This plug is of my own volition and ULS has not given me anything for it nor requested I promote their curriculum ;)}

Click the image to check it out:

Also, the fabulous Nikki at  has created an absolutely adorable Olympic-themed graphics bundle - check it out here!

The weather here is extremely summery today, after days of chilly, stormy I'm definitely ready for real summer!

What is your favorite Summer Olympics event? Mine is gymnastics, followed closely by track and field :)

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