Tuesday, May 15, 2012

winner, freebie, and other randomness!

Thanks to everyone who gave me opinions on their document cameras and projectors! I really appreciate it! And we have a winner for the $10 TPT gift certificate...
I will email you soon, Kelly :)

Also, we are trucking along in our recycling unit...I tried to get a CBI scheduled to tour our city's main recycling center, but transportation didn't work out...so we've been saving recyclables in our room, instead. We sorted them today into paper/cardboard, plastic, metal and glass. I have a freebie for that if you're interested:

We are going to do the graphing and response page tomorrow, since we ran out of time today.
 Halfway through I thought to take a photo of our sorting setup, with examples in front of each bag and the "pile of trash" to the right. The kids thought it was hilarious when I just dumped a garbage bag full of trash right out onto the floor!

Granola bar box goes into the paper/cardboard bag.

And...going with the theme of my I-need-document-camera-advice giveaway, look what else we got to do today!
 Yes, that's one of my boys sharing a book on an Elmo! I was finally able to get the school's lone Elmo to try out for an hour today...it really is so easy to use! I didn't know I'd get it today, or I'd have planned something more for it. I will have it for an hour or two each day until June to "try out" because I'm on The Money team...so I'm really excited!
I know this is a weird picture and kind of hard to see, but I love it...three of my boys playing around with the camera, seeing themselves projected onto our side room wall! They were so excited, and I can definitely see this being such a motivating tool for speech and social skills practice!


  1. Congrats Kelly!! And even without their faces you can tell their excitement!!

    Jessica Stanford

  2. Thank you so much! I just saw your post!

  3. Cute freebie! Kara, You won my 100 followers giveaway! If you could, shoot me an email to get your prizes. :)

    Cheers To School


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