Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting paid to...

I am currently in beautiful Traverse City, MI, attending the three-day MITS/REMC technology conference! (Are there any of you teacher-bloggers also here? Let me know and we can meet up!) This was our view last night as we took a walk after the welcome reception/dinner...Most all of today's conference rooms overlooked the bay, too. Not a bad gig! The shock of my month was when I found out my district was paying for it all!!

The conference is pretty incredible - my head is spinning a little from all the information and ideas I've been furiously typing up. I'll have to post about some highlights once I'm home and have the info somewhat organized.

I have not been blog-reading much - the internet access has been sketchy at best here, due to some massive lightning storms that occurred both before and after the photo above was taken last night! Our hotel's router got hit by lightning and the conference center's internet was in and out even today (kind of a bummer for a tech-based conference, unfortunately!). I will have to catch up either later tonight or when I get home. We are done conference-ing for tonight and will finish up with more sessions tomorrow. I think we're off to the beach right now...it's hot!

Before I left, I forgot to mention a little Olympic freebie I made up - Olympic-themed roll and cover games. You can find them for free here on my TPT store.


  1. Your blog is fantastic . . . I am a sucker for anything yellow and gray these days! Kinda ironic about the lightening strike . . . maybe you are supposed to go out and enjoy that setting more ;) Glad I found you today.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory


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