Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas in July and Tell Me More

It's so hot right now throughout most of North America...so we could do with a little Christmas in July, right?! A bunch of TPT sellers are putting their seasonal products 20% off for this sale...and since my only seasonal products currently are freebies, I decided to join in by putting my whole store on sale, tomorrow only!
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Happy shopping!

I'm also linking up with Amy @ Step Into Second Grade for the Tell Me More, Tell Me More linky party! I love reading about fellow bloggers' "real lives," so here is a handful (or two) of things you may not know about me:

1. I love, love, love the outdoors. I love camping and backpacking in particular...some of my fondest memories of my childhood are camping with my extended family! In 2007, my dad and I backpacked on North Manitou Island, an uninhabited island in Lake Michigan. I would love to do that again, but my dad's back and hips are really bad now and he can't physically do it. I would also love to backpack in the mountains, but I'm not sure I could do the altitude with my asthma. Here is a photo of me and my pack on North Manitou:

2. In addition to camping and backpacking, I also go turkey hunting every spring with my dad. (No one believes me when I tell them this!) It's more an excuse to go hiking in the woods for a few days than the great longing to get a bird! I am an expert turkey caller, if I do say so myself - it's so cool when you're sitting in the pre-dawn dark, making your turkey calls, and a real one actually answers back! I have had some long "conversations" with Tom turkeys in the early morning hours! Here is me in my camo (holding my box call) a couple years ago:

3. Part of the reason no one believes I go turkey hunting is that I'm a vegetarian. I never really liked the taste of red meat to begin with, and after I got food poisoning from a chicken sandwich at a restaurant, that was kind of the last straw for me, and it was pretty easy to cut out meat completely after that! I have been meat-free for 4 years now (I do eat dairy and eggs). It's forced me to be a bit more creative in my cooking and I love the variety I now eat. It's a lot cheaper, too! I am not morally opposed to meat and will eat it if I'm in a situation it would be rude not to (ie, if I'm a guest of someone who does not know I'm vegetarian). That doesn't happen often - it's so much easier than people think!

4. Though I actually consider myself a dog person (I grew up with a dog), I have two cats. I sometimes call them my rebound relationship, since I adopted them two weeks after I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years (who disliked animals of all kinds - one of the many reasons I ended it). It must be a darn good rebound, since five years later we are still together :) I am still a dog person and hope one day to have one. Here are "my boys" when they were just babies - they are much bigger now!

5. My first job was working in my dad's store in junior high and high school. He had a lawn and garden dealership (tractors, etc.). I did data entry and filing and was better/faster at it than the full-time secretary he had (no kidding...it pays to be slightly OCD). I also cleaned the bathrooms, which was by far the worst part of any job I've ever had. The guys in the shop made it absolutely disgusting. Cleaning bathrooms is still my least favorite household chore.

6. I first dreamed about a student during my special ed student teaching (at the same school I work at now). I dreamed one of my severely impaired, nonverbal students spoke aloud to me. It was such a vivid dream that I woke up shaking, and the next day I went to school almost expecting him to talk. Now, I dream about students and/or school about once every other month or so, but never anything as specific and affecting as that first one.

7. I am kind of a sci-fi geek. I grew up watching Star Wars (the originals...I would watch all three movies back to back if I was ever home sick from school) and now it is my favorite genre of television. Right now I am re-watching the whole 9 seasons of The X-Files on my Netflix instant stream (great to do while cutting and laminating!). My all-time favorite TV show was Battlestar Galactica when it was on a few years ago. I even have an action figure of my favorite character, Kara Thrace (Starbuck) I found at a garage sale once (the photo below). I also really like the BBC shows Doctor Who and Torchwood. I keep wanting my classroom theme to be aliens, but I haven't found any decor that isn't too "cute" for my liking.
8. In contrast to my love for sci-fi, I also really enjoy some reality TV - namely, Project Runway (the new season just started last week!!) and What Not To Wear. Anyone else?! I would love to be nominated for What Not To Wear - I would so gladly give up my entire wardrobe for them to ridicule and dispose of - and take the $5000 shopping spree, of course! When I shop for new clothes, I think "WWSaCD?" ("What Would Stacey and Clinton Do?") - but I'm sure I get their "rules" wrong.

9. I am a special education teacher because of my mom. She was a speech therapist at a center-based special education school in Illinois, quite similar to the setting I teach in, in the '70s and '80s. I grew up hearing her stories and seeing photos of her students. I can still picture some of them! I was hooked early on and knew even in high school I wanted to teach students with severe and multiple impairments. I'm so lucky my sped professor/advisor in college listened and placed me in aiding and student teaching placements with my preferred population! My mom is no longer a practicing speech therapist, but I still bounce ideas and questions off of her all the time, and she comes to visit my classroom at least once per year. I love that!

10. Since I talked about my parents already...how about siblings? I have one brother who is two years younger than I am. We fought like cats and dogs growing up, even to the point of drawing blood, but we are great friends now! I also love his wife, my sister-in-law. I knew she was "the one" for him when she and I spent an entire drive to my parents' one Thanksgiving break in college completely making fun of my brother...and he took it with a smile! Here we are a couple years ago, celebrating my birthday at my parents' place (people say my brother and I look a lot alike, though I don't necessarily see it - but it must be true; we used to get asked if we were twins when we were kids!):

Now it's your turn...go link up with Tell Me More, Tell Me More - click on the image below:

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