Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fabulous Finds, back to school edition

First of all, on my post where I talked about my circle time notebooks, Liz from Special Education - A Work of Heart asked for more details on how I conduct my circle time. Since I am changing up my circle for next school year and don't have all the details ironed out yet, I'm holding off on answering her question - but it will be coming soon! I'd love it if anyone else would like to chime in on how you do circle time/morning meeting, too.

Next, I've been doing some major back to school stocking up lately, which I know many of you have, too. Here are some of the treasures I've found recently:

From Target's Dollar Spot: double sided dry erase boards, mini whiteboard erasers, dry erase sentence strips, Cat in the Hat socks (for me to wear on Dr. Seuss' birthday - which also happens to be MY birthday!), "good work," etc. stamps, and an alphabet Bingo game. I have still not been able to find those great dry erase sleeves at Target...some Michigan teachers are hoarding them all, I think!

From the Dollar Tree: large posters - position words and the one you can't see is opposites, numbers/counting flip chart, foam alphabet puzzle for word work, character posters (3 in the pack) - the self control one is perfect for my friend with severe behavior issues - we tell him all the time that HE is the one in charge of his behavior, tactile letters for my new friend with vision impairment, and uppercase and lowercase alphabet foam squares. This was a jackpot trip to the Dollar Tree! Such fabulous stuff!

Fun finds from Goodwill, all just $0.99 each: almost-full package of printable business cards I'll use for sight word flashcards, poker chips for letters/word work/building words, and a packet of sight word flashcards...can never have too many of those. They will be great for some game-I-haven't-made-yet for my higher reading group.

My only non-bargain-basement finds...they are still fabulous...from my trip yesterday to the "good" teacher store! I have two teacher stores in my city and they both are utter and absolute c-r-a-p. So once a summer I go to the AMAZING teacher store in the town about an hour away. This place is a mecca of teachery goodness, and it's very dangerous because I could spend way too much money there. Yesterday I got: a pirate ABC book, an awesome very detailed coloring book of real (historical) pirates, two comparison/measurement books (love this series!) and Unifix cubes to go with them (over the years I've had quite a few Unifix cubes go missing so it was time to restock), foam dominoes set for domino addition with my higher math group, pirate decor and name tags, and a great pizza math game! I could have bought tons more, but I held back :)

Whew. I am done with school shopping for a while now! It can be so addicting...But I'm definitely pleased with the things I've gotten, and at mostly great prices, too!

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  1. Great finds! :) Looking forward to your future post about morning circle time. My kiddos start back on Monday!!! Agghhhh!!! :) Enjoy your weekend.


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