Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Made It, Clip Chart Style!

This past year, when my district went to PBIS, we were told (on a building level) the behavior tracking/reward system they wanted us to use. It didn't really work for us - without going into specifics, I didn't feel there was enough follow-through or support to make it motivating for my kids (all the reward was on a building, not classroom level), or even worthwhile to my classroom we petered out using it about halfway through the year.

Okay, then...Definitely changing it up for next year (yes, we are allowed to). I'm going to use a clip chart for the first time! I just finished making it this week:
I used the adorable polka dot labels from PreKinders and added my own text. It's quite large, so if I were to make it again I would probably use half sheets rather than full - but at least my kids will be able to see it well! I still love how it turned out! I still need to get some jumbo clothespins/clips for the kids' names. I will have 9 students next year so they can be pretty large (again, so the kids can see them well).
I don't know if you can see it clearly from the photo, but I was trying to figure out how I wanted to attach the pieces, when I remembered I had this adorable polka dot ribbon from the Dollar Spot a while back that worked perfectly and matched with the design!

The kids will have their clips moved up and down based on our PBIS expectations. To make it more motivating than last year's method, I am also going to implement a ticket system. Kids can earn tickets by:
-Ending the day on dark blue or purple (possible one ticket per day)
-Doing their classroom job every day (possible one ticket per week)
-Going above and beyond - doing something extra to help or cheer up a classmate or adult (possible one ticket each time)
-Getting a compliment on their behavior from an adult who does not work in our room (possible two tickets each time, because this one is rare!)

I'm going to store their tickets using this:
I used the back (unlined) part of colored word strips from the Dollar Tree, laminated and put 10 large paper clips on each strip. I used packing tape to affix the paper clips to the back, so they won't move around. When they earn a ticket, it will go on their strip until they've filled the whole thing and can choose a prize.

I'm going to post their prize choices on the wall beside our clip chart:
(waiting for laminating on our school machine)
Prizes they can choose from include:
-Breakfast Bunch - eat breakfast with staff at the round table (we eat breakfast in the room and the kids always like the chance to sit at the staff table instead of their desks)
-Princi-pal - visit Mr. Steve (our principal) and tell him what a great job you're doing (my kids IDOLIZE Mr. Steve so I can see this being a popular choice!)
-Fresh Air - take a 15-minute walk outside with an adult (weather permitting)
-Bike It - take a bonus 15-minute bike ride (kids ride bikes for physical therapy and it is always a favorite activity)
-iPad, Please - 15 minutes to use the iPad app of your choice (this one will be held off until we actually get our iPad - rumor has it this will happen in the new school year!!!)
-Librarian - you choose the book we read at circle time
-Pump Up the Jams - 15 minutes to listen to music or a story on headphones
-Work Pass - skip morning work for a day (just the work task they do while we wait for everyone to arrive and breakfast to be ready)
-Lounging - sit in a beanbag chair at circle time
-You've Got Mail - receive a special certificate in the mail about how well you're doing

I am still trying to figure out where I'm going to store their ticket strips. I'd like them to be as accessible as possible - on their desks, perhaps? - because I want them to be paying attention to how many tickets they've earned...Keeping them on desks might make desks too cluttered, though. I don't know yet! The strips are also pretty heavy (relatively), what with laminated card stock and 10 large paper clips, so I don't think hanging them on a wall with sticky tack will work. I'll have to think about it more...Any suggestions would be welcome!

Go link up with Monday Made It @ Tara's blog - it's my favorite part of the week! I love seeing what everyone else has created!

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  1. I love your clip chart! Mine has pretty busy paper, and I like how simple yours is. My old school was a PBIS school as well, and I love your ticket system. If I had stayed there, I probably would have done something similar to yours.

  2. I love your chart and ticket idea. I like using shoe organizers the clear ones to store individual stuff. I just saw an idea where someone even cut it in half since they are kind of long. Just a thought, good luck!

  3. I found your blog on Creating & Teaching. I love the design! :) I nominated your for an award. You can hop on over to my blog to accept.
    Happy New School Year!
    Christy :)

  4. Thank you for sharing this idea! I was so excited to make my own for my speech room! I've shared mine on my blog ( I love how visual it is. I added a note home to parents that included where their student ended up on the behavior chart. Thanks for sharing!


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