Monday, August 20, 2012

Classroom Workday 1

I am D-O-N-E with summer school; hooray! Today began my one-week break before we are back for professional development meetings next week...and I spent six hours in my classroom today cleaning, organizing, putting away the messes from summer school, and beginning to get the room ready for the kids' return in two weeks.

I am most pleased with the overhaul I did of my reading area/classroom library. Here is a "before" picture from this winter:
Barely any of my books were displayed because I didn't have a good system to store/organize. I just kept most of my books in a closet and tried to rotate them out on a periodic basis. Also, the gross, falling apart glider/rocker. Ew.

Here are the "after" pictures!
New book bins! I couldn't believe they fit so perfectly on my shelves! Now most of my books can be out for the kids at all times. Big books and other books that don't fit in the bins are on the large shelf on the table. Also, my new chevron area rug from Big Lots...and the beautiful new rocking chair our social worker found for us for free on Craigslist at the end of the summer!

Closeup of the bins. The books are just waiting for their individual stickers, which my classroom staff will put on next week. I also have Skippyjon, the Cat, and the Caterpillar plushes from Kohl's on top of the bookcase with their books for a bit of decoration.

Another angle. I moved everything to the other wall (all books were under the window in the 'before' picture). I'm thinking of moving one of our beanbag chairs into this area, and maybe put something on the wall, but otherwise I am so pleased with how this turned out! I kept this a secret from my staff, so they are going to be so geeked when they come back from break. ;)

I also got my small group area totally reworked, but no photos yet since I still need to get things laminated and on the walls. I'm hoping to do that tomorrow.

On another note, I have not done very well blogging and reading/commenting on blogs lately and I apologize for that. I am dealing with an ongoing crisis in my extended family which has me traveling to and from my hometown (an hour away) most days, so when I am home I am either beat physically and emotionally, and/or am feverishly trying to prep more for the coming school year. I am trying to do my best with replies and commenting. I'm hoping I will be able to settle into a more predictable schedule once the school year begins.


  1. It looks great :) I love how it turned out can't wait to see the rest of your room!!

    The Resource(ful) Room

  2. I love your library! Those book bins are great - it looks so organized :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  3. I love it! This looks amazing!! :)

    Do you teach US History at all? I'm teaching it this year and am having the hardest time finding ideas / materials and thought of you because I love all your stuff! :)

  4. Love the library! Weve gotta set up some classroom pen pals or something!!!


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