Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It, classroom library edition

There was a lot of interest in the Color Run on my last post! Unfortunately, it didn't happen for me yesterday after all. I woke up feeling like you-know-what, with a fever and everything, so running a 5k didn't seem like the best of ideas. year I'll be sure to try again! I'm feeling marginally better today, but decided not to go work in my classroom like I'd intended. Very thankful I still have some time!

This week, I've been tackling the mess that is my classroom library. Got the database all typed up, the books categorized (goodness, that's a job of work! how do you all decide which categories your books go into?), created labels for my books and for my brand-new book bins. Here are just three of the bins (labels are laminated and velcroed on so I can change them out if need be) - since I'm not going into my classroom today most of my books are at school and I didn't get to stage the bins on our you and I just have to imagine it all set up for real:
My book bins are the Plastic Book Boxes from Steps to Literacy. They are much cheaper here than from Really Good Stuff! Also, right now if you use the code BTSFB at checkout at Steps to Literacy, you get free shipping!

I used Avery address labels (#5195) for the labels for the individual books. And I discovered Avery's Design and Print Online, which is SO much easier than messing with downloading a template, resizing images, etc. It was so quick and easy! Check it out if you're doing anything with Avery labels. It's free, does not require a download and is so easy (do I keep saying that?). I was amazed.
I am going to save putting the labels on books for my classroom staff when they come back to school during our PD days at the end of August. (We always have a day that teachers are in meetings and we have to prepare set-up work for our classroom staff to do in rooms.)

I also put together this little fine motor + counting work task this morning, using pieces of a border from the Dollar Tree, chenille sticks and pony beads:
(Can't get it to rotate, ugh.) And yes, I have only the colors of pony beads that correspond to the numbers and chenille sticks, because I've got some kids who will insist on matching the colors as well as counting the correct number of beads!

For my home Made It, I put together a new wall hanging for my bedroom:
I got this fabulous fabric when I visited my brother in the Peace Corps in Tanzania, Africa last summer. I already had a comforter for my bed in similar colors, and this fabric was definitely the inspiration for the bedroom redo (paint and furniture) I did over the winter.

This cloth is called kitenge, and it's used for all sorts of purposes in Tanzania, from clothing to decoration to baby carrying and more. I bought it at a seamstress' shop in my brother's village. While I finished the redo of my bedroom back in February, I hadn't yet used the cloth, and I finally did so this week. My dad helped me cover a canvas with it for my wall (stretching and stapling fabric is definitely a two-person job!). And I have lots of the fabric left in case I want to do something more with it.
I love it!

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  1. I used Avery Labels to help me organize my classroom library too!
    Looks great!

    By the way, I'm hosting a 300 follower giveaway on my blog right now with lots of goodies! Come check it out!


    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. I love the book boxes--and thanks for comment on my blog! I am now your latest follower.

  3. You were busy! Love the bead activity! And Dollar Tree!


  4. I love the bead activity! It also looks like all your books are going to be well organized! I still need to do that in my classroom at some point. Too bad about the color run! They will have another one that hopefully you can run in!

  5. So glad I found your post on this! My next project is book labels, and I am so excited you talked about an easier way to do it! I'm definitely going to go buy some labels and try out that link you mentioned. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea!! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  6. Thanks for the tips about the Steps to Literacy book buckets!! I have been looking for some more reasonably priced book bins. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. Your Tanzania fabric wall hanging is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the Avery Design and Print tip!

  8. Kara, we would Love to Donate all sorts of goodies to you! WE have an app that can help manage yor Classroom Library, contant me for your goodie box!

  9. I love those book bins and will probably be splurging on some soon. Your wall hanging is beautiful and something I think I could do. Thank you for the inspiration! I am your newest follower:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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