Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sensory Letters

It's kind of crazy how quickly into the new school year the Sunday Night Slump comes, isn't it? Now, don't get me wrong - I had a fantastic first week back with my kiddos. I am just tired! I know they are, too. I dearly hope all of them are in bed by now (but I quite honestly believe a good half of them aren't yet, and it's 11pm).

Last week was spent heavily on reviewing old procedures and learning new ones. We are going to be ready to hit school work strong this week! My high reading/language arts group are going to be starting their study of Henry and Mudge tomorrow, so I can't wait to see how that goes! My lower group (there is a pretty big difference in the cognitive/academic levels of the two groups) will be doing this activity during language arts time:
That's a foam alphabet puzzle from the Dollar Tree...plastic shoebox from (you guessed it) the Dollar Tree...and dried beans (not from the Dollar Tree, because they're cheaper at my grocery store!). Basically, the kids take turns searching for one of the letters in the bean bin and put it back in its correct place in the puzzle. If they have verbal language, they will be required to say the name of the letter, and we will also talk about the letter sounds...I have a recording sheet for this activity, too, but I think it's on my computer at school. I'll try to upload it as a freebie for you all tomorrow.

I think I came up with this idea from Pinterest. I think the Pinterest idea used rice. Rice, when my kids are allowed to touch it, scares me. It's like glitter - you can never get rid of it! (I think this fear stems from when we used to eat lunch in our classroom...rice day was always the worst. Oh, the messes!) So, beans it is. It's a sensory activity as well as an alphabet activity! Bonus!

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    1. I think moon sand would scare me just as much as rice! But yes, definitely another great sensory option ;)



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