Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Addition

What a day. What a week! Meetings. IEPs scheduled and written and missed (by parents, not me!) and rescheduled. Severe seizures and new meds. Scary new violent behaviors. Incident reports. Round two already of the fall cold/sickness crap. State testing. Evaluations and observations and goal writing. I am beat. And it's only Wednesday!

And now I've been wrestling with TPT for far too long, and not having any success in getting my newest product uploaded (anyone else having problems lately??) so instead of posting about that, I'll share the newest addition to our classroom family, instead:
Meet Petey Phelps, our new Betta fish! Last week, our outing to the farmers' market was rained out, so we went to Meijer, our local supermarket, instead. We had been throwing around the possibility of a classroom pet for a while, and this seemed like a good time (it even kinda-sorta connects to our current unit on animals/the food chain/ecosystems). We had the kids pick our fish out, ask the young man working in the pet department what we needed for him, and then take him "home" to school and set him up in his new home!
They painted/colored an "under the sea" background for the shelf his tank is on.

Of course, we had to choose a name, too. All the kids and staff made name suggestions, we put them all in a bowl, and had a staff member from our neighbor classroom (we needed a neutral party!) draw one. Petey was the big winner (I was told later Petey had been suggested by a student because of Petey Piranha of the Super Mario games!).

Yes, I said above his name is Petey Phelps. I had suggested Michael Phelps as a name, and took the liberty of assigning Petey Michael's last name. Only in honor of his stellar swimming abilities, of course. ;) I'm the teacher, I get to do that!
Signs by Petey's tank: All about Petey, and the rules about him (look with your eyes, no touching/tapping/picking up the tank, only feed him when he's scheduled to eat)

It's one student's job each week to take care of Petey (feed him daily and clean out his tank once per week). We have this schedule chart to help us keep track of whether or not the care has been done yet that day. And yes, the spork has a Petey function - we cannot trust the kids to give him just a small pinch of food each feeding, so staff places an appropriate pinch of food on the spork and the Petey-carer then dumps said pinch into the tank :)

So far, my students love Petey. I'd love to eventually get a furry pet for our room, but this is a good start. One of my students has to go "talk to Petey" as soon as he gets off the bus every morning!

Okay, it's time for early bed for me tonight...Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with the aforementioned new TPT product, and I've recently been Boo'd, so there will be that, too!


  1. Petey is a very handsome fish! I bet your class will enjoy him very much!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  2. LOL! Petey Phelps sounds AWESOME! :)

    And I hope your week has gotten better! :( Bloggy hugs to you!!!

    Brie @ Breezy Special Ed


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