Sunday, October 28, 2012

Election 2012, Mercy Watson, and a sale!

Is there an election coming up soon in the US? I hadn't noticed! (I'm sure you notice my sarcasm!) I meant to add this to my post yesterday, but it slipped my mind. Here is a fun little activity we did back in September, when our unit was all about government and leaders...We made campaign posters!
We first looked at several different campaign posters from both Obama and Romney and discussed some common similarities that each poster tended to have. We came up with this list:
-The candidate's name (usually the last name only!)
-The candidate's picture
-The year
-The colors red, white and blue
-The American flag, stars, or other US symbols

From our list, we designed our posters...I printed each student's last name and the year in bubble letters (the font is called "Janda Manatee Bubble"), they put the letters of their last name in order and colored with their red and blue crayons. (We do so much with students' first names, so this was good practice recognizing and spelling their last names!) They added their photo, and then decorated with US flag stickers and painted with star sponge stamps. This was an easy, fun activity that connects so well to the election, and it looks great in our hallway, too! We have staff members stopping by to tell us who they would vote for in our class ;) For higher-functioning students, you could add a writing activity for the students to tell what they would do if they were president.

Switching your students love Mercy Watson? If you don't know about her, this is a series of beginning chapter books by Kate DiCamillo (author of The Tale of Despereaux) about a spunky, toast-loving pig named Mercy! Check her out! Her stories are tons of fun. And I've decided that after Henry and Mudge, the next chapter book my high reading group tackles will be the first in the series, Mercy Watson to the Rescue.

I created a packet of vocabulary, sequencing and comprehension activities to go with this book - it is the same format as my Henry and Mudge packet. You can snag on my TPT store by clicking the image below:

And...speaking of TPT, I missed this weekend's influx of Halloween sales...but never fear - I have put my entire store - including the new Mercy Watson bundle - on sale, beginning tomorrow through Halloween. 20% off though the 31st - just click below starting tomorrow (or in just a little while, if you're like me and still awake!):

...I'm still awake because the Tigers are tied at the bottom of the 9th in the game they must win to stay in the World Series! Go Tigs!

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