Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 is in the bag

I think it should be a rule that Halloween at school is always celebrated on a Friday! I am exhausted! I almost fell asleep at my chiropractor's this afternoon (I love my chiro - I get a massage before every adjustment!); the lady doing my massage told me I should definitely go home, lock the door and turn off the porch lights tonight!

Halloween morning, the kids usually get to go trick or treating in the neighborhood across the street from our school, who set out displays and candy especially for our students. Because of the weather (rain and cold) this was postponed, so we did "regular school" in the morning! Is it bad to say I was kind of relieved for a relatively "normal" morning?

After lunch was costumes, parade, and Halloween dance in the gym...Then back to our room for some fun center activities:
"What's in the Witch's Soup?" roll and cover game by Kindergarten Faith - like my Halloween colored dice? (I found them last night in a stash from some conference swag a few years ago!) My kids used bingo markers to cover their numbers.

"Halloween Fun Counting Teeth" with candy corn by Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers

My kids loved both these activities, so check out the links for the 'em for next year if you're done with Halloween centers this year!

We also completed our pumpkin observations and put them together in our observation books:

We described the outside of our pumpkins, predicted whether our pumpkin would sink or float and then checked our predictions (the kids were shocked to discover the pumpkins floated!), measured height and width of our pumpkins with Unifix cubes, and explored and described the inside (always my favorite part - if only for the expressions on my kids' faces as they have to touch the "goop!").

We also painted our pumpkins, but I didn't get photos of that.

Glad Halloween is over for another year (even though it was a success and we actually had no meltdowns or seizures - I think a first for our room!!).

Happy almost-November, everyone!


  1. Congrats Kara! A meltdown-free Halloween is a success but I agree - I am GLAD it is over :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  2. I'm glad Halloween as over as well! Just found your blog. I'm a special education teacher as well and I love finding new special education blogs.



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