Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Counting Product and...I've Been Boo'd!

Happy weekend, everyone! Last night I had dinner out and saw a movie with a friend (the local cheap theater was still showing Brave - have you all seen it? so good!), which was the perfect, uplifting/relaxing end to a really rough week. I'm feeling much better after some great company and entertainment!

My TPT issues from the other day seem to have been resolved, and I finally got my new product uploaded. I was writing an IEP for one of my kiddos, and was thinking about how quite a few of my kids need more practice with counting and quantities 1-10. Our unit next month is all about travel/transportation, so I decided to create a bundle of activities for numbers 1-10 with a transportation theme. You can check it out on TPT by clicking the image below:

In other news, I've been Boo'd!
I know you have all seen this fun linky party hosted by Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad. Kate at Fun in ECSE Boo'd me - thank you, Kate! Check out her blog for some great ideas for special ed and/or early childhood classrooms!

Here are the rules for this linky:
1. Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers.
2. A blogger that has about the SAME number of followers .
3. Someone that has LESS followers.
4. Highlight their blogs with links to encourage others to check them out.
5. Don't forget to let your fellow bloggers know that you shared about them.
6. Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."

So fun to highlight some of my favorite blogs...these are all special education blogs, but on every single one you will find great ideas, inspiration and info for teachers of all types!

-More followers than I have:
Erin from Creating and Teaching always has great ideas and adorable products I just love. And a bonus - on her other blog, Creating and Designing, she created the incredible design of my blog for me! I love it! Go give Erin a visit:

-About the same number of followers:
Becky from Lesson Plans & Lattes posts about great activities from her classroom, as well as shares her awesome organizational systems and tips. As organization is not my strong suit, I am always inspired by her posts. Check Becky out here:
Lesson Plans and Lattes

-Fewer followers:
Brie from Breezy Special Ed has a brand new special ed teaching blog! You may know her from her other blog, Breezy Pink Daisies. I'm so excited to hear more about her experience teaching a transitional-level class - and the first activity she posted about I'm definitely using in my classroom next month! Go give Brie some bloggy love:
Breezy Special Ed


  1. Thank you for thinking of me! I would love to check out your Henry & Mudge Literature Study Packet! If there is something in my TN store that you would like, let me know!

    Lesson plans & Lattes

  2. Thanks so much for boo-ing me Kara! :) I would love to try out your Health & Nutrition Math and Literacy Activity Bundle with my students.

  3. I found your blog from Breezy Special Ed :) I am your newest follower and can't wait to check out your blog!


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