Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Currently

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe it's time for another Currently! Even despite the l-o-n-g October in our classroom, this school year is going so fast!

Listening - I discovered Delta Rae a few weeks back on some late-night show (maybe Letterman?). They played this song which immediately hooked me. It is unique, kind of creepy, and oh so amazing:
I love the rest of their music, too. I think this one is my favorite (and is very different than "Bottom of the River," if you didn't care for that one):

Loving - Yes, we finally received our classroom iPad on Tuesday! We are all so excited about it - we've been practicing holding it carefully, touching and finger swiping gently...and of course exploring all the free apps I've downloaded already. I'm so excited about the possibilities for curriculum support, IEP work, and just plain fun this is going to provide us!

Thinking - We have records day without kids on Monday, but I want to get all my reports done this weekend so I can have time to work on other things in my classroom then!

Wanting - One of my favorite things about fall and winter is soup! I love making and eating it. I am constantly looking for new soup recipes! I have a cheese/bean/veggie soup going in the crock pot right now and the smell is making me hungry!

Needing - My darn back is acting up again...2 weeks of chiropractor visits and it was doing great, but I woke up this morning with it feeling all stiff and achy again. I have another appointment on plans for this weekend did not include taking it easy, though. I hope it holds out!

Music - I play classical or piano music as my kids are coming into the classroom in the morning, and again after lunch when we have classroom jobs and choice time. I need something lyricless, because I have a couple kids who will not get anything done if they are busy singing along! Plus, it's very calming :)

Go ahead and link up with Farley - and remember her rule of 3!


  1. I really need to play more classical music in class!!! Soup sounds so good. I LOVE Fall!!!

    Kindergarten Korner

  2. Love that you got an iPad! Did you use Donor's Choose? I really want one!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  3. Yay for your new iPad!
    I NEED an iPad (or a few) in my classroom!!! :)
    Sweet Times in First

  4. How exciting to get a new iPad! I would love to have iPads in my classroom!!!

  5. Jealous of your new i-pad. I would love one! Your soup sounds yummy! I love soups and need to look for yummy recipes.

    ?Resource Room Rules

  6. Hope you have a very productive day on Monday! I really need to play more music in my classroom. I started but then forgot for a while...
    Also, enjoy your iPad! We are currently writing a grant to hopefully get ones for all of our students and have been doing the research on what we could do with it - so many possibilities!!
    Brie @ Breezy Special Ed

  7. How awesome that you got an i-pad. I love the cooler weather and with cooler weather I love to be able to eat all the delish soups.
    The Hive


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