Saturday, February 16, 2013

The 100th Valentine's Day (or something like that)

Because we had a snow day last week, Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of school happened to fall on the same day. And because Thursday is our crazy-busy day with being out of our room until noon for physical therapy, art class, sensory therapy, and lunch all jammed into the time right after breakfast...and because we had our all-school Valentine's dance after lunch...we did not get to do much celebrating of either day in the classroom. We did manage a couple fun activities, though:

(Please excuse the crappy cell phone photos - I've done a really poor job taking photos in my classroom lately!)

Valentine marble paintings. The kids taped three heart cutouts onto white paper, then placed the paper into a copy paper box lid. Roll a marble or super ball into paint, placed the ball in the box lid and (carefully!) tip the box lid back and forth so the ball rolls around, making fun designs and tracks. When the paint dried, I traced around the heart cutouts with a sharpie before removing the cutouts to reveal the white hearts underneath! These turned out really cute and the kids had fun with it. Bonus: minimal mess as the paint stays in the box lid!

A 100-topping pizza for the 100th day of school! We have been counting the days of school every morning in circle time, using the standard straw place value bundling system and also tallying the days in our circle time notebooks. A couple of my higher kiddos are grasping the concept of counting by tens, so we had 10 topping types with 10 of each to make our 100-topping pizza!

Of course, we had pizza on the brain so I picked up a couple Papa Murphy's pizzas to bake for lunch as a special treat.

And of course, as my kids are pre-teens and teens, the highlight of their day was the all-school Valentine's dance. This year especially, they are becoming rather aware *ahem* of themselves and their friends in the way only pre-teens and teens can be...In my 9 years of teaching at my school, this was perhaps the closest I have ever experienced to a typical middle school or high school dance. Two "highlights" (if you can call it that):

-One student (girl) was dancing in her stander. As another student (boy) danced near her, she reached out for him. He didn't notice her, ignored her, whatever, and danced on by...She burst into tears until he came back to dance with her and then she was all smiles.
-Two students (boy and girl) were dancing together...a little too closely and suggestively to be appropriate...which I knew was deliberate. I had to play the part of a chaperone for the first time in my life and tell them to back off just a bit! (If you went to a parochial school growing up as I did, you'll get the reference "leave room for the Holy Spirit," won't you?)

Oh boy.


  1. What a super busy day you had on Thursday. I love the Valentine marble paintings!

  2. I worked at a church summer camp. We said that all the time at dances:) The marble painting is super cute!

    We are ALL Special!

  3. HA! Sounds like quite the day! Hope you have a very relaxing weekend after that!

    - Sasha

    The Autism Helper

  4. Hi! My post on my blog today is about one of your resources from TPT!! Just wanted to give you a heads up that and say thank you!!

    Hailey from AutismTank

  5. Love your Valentine's Day art! And of course, I love the stories about the dance - too cute. Also, I just mentioned you as one of the blogs that inspires me!! So thanks for blogging and sharing all that you do :)

    Breezy Special Ed


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