Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Snow Day That Wasn't

Unlike all the other districts in the county, my district did not have a snow day today. However, since my school is a center-based program that services students from all districts in the county, on days like today when other districts are closed (and therefore not providing transportation for their students to our program), we have very few students who actually show up. This is not entirely unusual; our district is an urban, high-poverty district so they are loathe to close because many kids will miss their free breakfast and lunch on snow days and may not eat that day. We are notorious for never closing. But it does make other-district snow days kind of frustrating for our program.

So, I had 3 students today. There are four adults (including myself) who work in my room. Yup, that's a higher-than-1:1 ratio. The (lucky?) kids who made it to school got so tired of all that one-on-one attention. Work work work work!

We actually began the day with no power at phones or computers or warm water or hot breakfast...thankfully, the power and heat and everything came back on an hour and a half into the school day!

So, what did we do on our Snow Day That Wasn't? (other than regular "school stuff," that is)

Since it was relatively "warm" outside today (we go outside very infrequently in the winter, because of various students' health issues that make very cold weather dangerous -- but today it was above freezing - safer, not to mention great packing snow!), we decided to make a snowman after lunch. Two of my three boys who were at school had never made one before!

Rolling some really heavy snow! This was a workout! Great physical therapy :)

Using water+food coloring in spray bottles to "draw" the face.

All dressed up! Random hat, scarf and mittens we had in our room...buttons made from milk bottle caps from hot flip flops I wear on swimming day...the arms are a student's outgrown arm orthotics (splints/braces)! You can see we had fun using up the rest of the colored water on the snow after we finished the face!

Since it was above freezing today, our snowman melted enough to fall over by the time I left at the end of the day...but it was fun while it lasted!


  1. This is too cute! I'm a little jealous - we haven't gotten nearly enough snow to make a snowman!

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  2. We didn't get a snow day either. All the districts around us were closed except for ours. It looks like you had fun in the snow though!

  3. Boy does that snow look like fun! We don't get that here in Arizona.

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