Friday, June 28, 2013

Baseball Freebie and My Favorite Math Pins!

I've been neglecting blogging/reading/creating lately because I've been busy with summer school...and this guy!
This is Desmond, my new rescue greyhound! He ran 25 races down in Alabama and now he's retiring in style on my couch. I just love him - he is the sweetest, calmest dog ever. The kitties still don't quite know what to make of him, but they're slowly coming around!

Our summer school "unit"/theme is all about baseball - I love me some baseball! I just uploaded a baseball-themed freebie, working on one- and two-syllable words. More baseball products to come!

Freebie Fridays

Next, I'm joining up again with Ashley at Just Reed for her Ten Pin Linky Party! This week's topic is math. So here are my top ten math pins, in no particular order (there's quite a range of skill levels in these pins because my kids are all over the place with their math skills):

Such fun ideas for fraction learning! Love that she gives the book recommendation, too.

(source: Kinder-craze)
Such a simple yet concrete way to practice size comparisons! This would be great for my kids.

Wouldn't this be such a fun way to practice addition?!

I pinned this ages ago and it's definitely on my game-to-create list for this summer.

(source: PreKinders)
An activity like this would be perfect for my lower kiddos still working on one-to-one correspondence, counting and numeral recognition.

Also something on my to-do list this summer. Good addition to our morning circle.

(source: unknown)
Cool idea to make coin stampers.

(source: Simply Kinder)
Most of my students do not have the motor skills to write, but poems like these would definitely help with numeral recognition.

I love Unifix cubes! Good way to use flash cards in a non-flash-cardy way :)

(source: me!)
Is it bad form to post a pin from my own blog? I had to include it, though, because it has been one of my lower students' favorite activities I created for math boxes this past year.

And finally, I'm looking forward to the Michigan Blogger Meetup tomorrow!! Thank you to Christina for organizing it, and to Amy for giving me the heads up since I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading recently! Can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!


  1. love the coin stamp idea - genius! :)

    and yes - it i definitely okay to post a pin from your own blog! love that idea too!!

  2. Desmond is SO cute! My Mum just recently adopted a retired greyhound as well and they have the MOST beautiful personality.

    I just love your unifix addition pin! What a neat idea for littlies :)

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher


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