Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June! It's June!

I missed May's Currently. I think that was the first Currently I'd missed since I started blogging last January. I'm hopeful I'll be a better blogger/blog reader/commenter once the summer begins. To say the least, these past few months of school have been draining. I'm so ready for break (which, for me, means my summer school schedule of 3 work days per week - love it!).

Listening - My cousin introduced me to the Gilmore Girls when I was visiting her over spring break. I'd never watched when it was airing, but now I'm hooked! Thankfully one of my coworkers had the whole series box set for me to borrow so I can indulge my newfound obsession.

Loving -
Yes, I have only two more days left to the school year! This is a countdown I have in my living room...see: the draining past few months. I've never had an at-home countdown before. The Rosie the Riveter print is something I happened to have already - thought it was appropriate :)

Thinking - My student in crisis is still in crisis, so I'm worried about him and our classroom. Also, we have not yet received class lists for summer school, which is a mere 3 school days away (we start next Wednesday). I'd like to know who I'm teaching next week! And school year records are due on Friday. Whew!

Wanting - I submitted my application to adopt a retired racing greyhound last week. I was feeling really great about my decision to adopt one of these gorgeous dogs until I hit 'submit' on the online application...and started second-guessing my qualifications. I have this irrational fear that the rescue organization won't find me a suitable dog-parent! I really want one of these dogs! Fingers crossed!

Needing - Our last two school days are half days for students, so we have two half days of records. Looking forward to the time to write progress reports and get the room ready for summer school (provided I find out who I'll be teaching).

Vacay Essentials - I love to read, and ever since I got my Nook, it goes with me everywhere. Love it - so much easier to take many, many books with me on vacation! Sunscreen is also an essential - I don't tan, I burn, and ever since my mom had some pre-cancerous spots removed this year, I'm even more aware of the skin cancer threat. And while I'm happy to vacation anywhere, when it requires a passport, I'm ultra-excited. I love traveling abroad and wish I could do it more.

I'm late linking up for June's Currently, but if you haven't yet, it's here - remember the Rule of Three:


  1. I hope things get worked out for your student in crisis. I hope summer school goes well and you get your greyhound! I also love Gilmore Girls and own the whole set. I love the sarcastic humor.
    Fun in ECSE

  2. Hey fellow SpEder. I found you through the currently link up!

    Good luck with the Dog app. Very cool to go after a greyhound. Those dogs are so nice and fun to be around. Don't sweat the app either, it happens when it happens.

    We've got two dogs ourselves so the fun never ends

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  3. I miss Gilmore Girls!

    Keep us updated on the greyhound...I've wanted to do that myself!

    Mrs. Harris
    Mrs. Harris Teaches Science!

  4. Good luck with the adoption. I'm sure it will work out. My sister has adopted two and they are the sweetest, most gentle dogs. I am so happy they are finding good homes for these amazing dogs!

  5. My fingers are crossed for your adoption! My pups are rescues and they are the BEST :)

    The Littlest Scholars


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