Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It!

I know, aren't you all shocked?! I can't believe this is my first Monday Made It of the summer. I still have one week left of summer school, so I'm just now starting to get some things ready for the new school year. I have just one week off in between, and am getting some new students and doing an entirely new classroom theme, so that week will be a whirlwind of getting ready! Here's a few little things I accomplished today:
I finally picked up some of those great Target Dollar Spot pocket charts! This one will have our monthly unit vocabulary/sight words in it - they are the same cards that will go on our word wall, so when the month is over and we switch to a new unit, they're easily changed out and posted on our word wall.

I loooooove the Hollywood clip art from Dilly Dabbles - it's going to be featured heavily in my new classroom decor! This is just one little page I made and laminated today - our curriculum unit sign, which will go on the wall just above the vocabulary pocket chart. Each month I'll write what unit we're studying - last year's version of this was just a blank white page with the title "We're learning about..." Boring! I'm excited to bring together our Hollywood theme!

The other day, I snagged a Winnie the Pooh "What Goes Together?" flash card game from the Dollar Tree and made it into a couple new file folder activities for our independent work time. One of my new students has an IEP goal that works on associations/function, so this will work nicely as a practice for him. I just need to bring the folders to school to laminate on our large machine, add velcro, and they'll be ready to go.

And obviously this is a home made-it (though related because it has to do with teacher clothes??), but I made this today, too - a scarf hanger. It's a Pinterest project, of course - the original/instructions came from this website: Irina's Cute Box. The project cost me a whopping $1. A hanger from my closet, shower curtain rings from the Dollar Tree, and some colored duct tape I already had. There's room for 12 scarves. So easy and functional!
Here it is in use in my closet - previously my scarves were folded and stacked on a shelf so this is much nicer.

It was so great to be able to link up with Monday Made It again! See everyone's creations at the linky:

And I'll be back later this week - or most certainly next - with more Hollywood theme stuff, and some other new creations!


  1. Love the idea for the scarf hanger. My scarves are getting out of control!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  2. I LOVE your "Now Showing..." sign! I discovered the magic of ULS after finding your blog last school year. My school district was willing to purchase it for my K-3 moderate/severe sped class, and our 4-6 class. It has been so great and my kids are really enjoying it. Our 4-6 teacher just moved to a neighboring district and she said she got her new district to purchase it too. I look forward to "stealing" your "Now Showing..." idea and see your other ideas in the future!

    1. Hi Sam - I'm so glad you and your students are enjoying ULS! I love this whole network of teacher bloggers that allows us to share ideas and discover great new resources for our students! :) Thanks for the sweet comments!


  3. I just found your blog through TPT. I love your interactive books! Most of the kiddos in my special ed room are on the spectrum and will love them!!

    1. Hi Pam - I'm so glad you like the books! I'm going to check out your blog now :)



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