Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thank You...and showing off my purchases

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to all my fabulous followers who made purchases at my store during the sale. It was definitely my most successful sale since I began creating for TPT. As always, 100% of my profits from TPT go directly back to my classroom (usually via TPT again!) so my students thank you, too!

And I scored some fabulous products at the sale myself! As I always love seeing what others bought, here's my stash - and if you're still feeling the shopping itch, check out these great products! (Links to products on the images.) Some stores still have them on sale today.

Community helpers, family, and community buildings clip art from Charlotte's Clips. I love her clip art!

2D and 3D shape posters from Pink Cat Studio - another favorite source for clip art!

Truck-themed file folder activities, visual math activities, and an attributes and inferences adapted book from Sasha Hallagan - Sasha's concrete activities are always so great for my students!

Hollywood Bunting from Christina Bainbridge - I cannot wait to use this in my Hollywood themed classroom! So cute!

Ten in the Bed interactive books from A Special Kind of Class - my lower reading group will love these!

Parent Handbook Flipbook from Ashley Reed - such a great way to organize info for parents - this one won't be tossed in the trash after the first day!!

Photo classifying cards from The Bender Bunch - fabulous way to work on classifying/differentiating between like categories/2-3 word descriptions, etc.

Math Boards 1-10 and 11-20 from Deeanna Golden - I've been wanting to start this in our morning circle and these will make it so easy to set up!

ABC cut and paste pages from Jennifer Elliott - great independent work pages for my kiddos working on beginning letter sounds.

So, that was my haul from the sale! What did everyone else score?

Now I'm off to run some errands...and then to school. Clean up from summer school/start setting up for the new year time! The next four days will be full of that...and printing and laminating constantly whenever I'm home. Yikes...

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