Friday, November 8, 2013

Four seasons in a year...

October's ULS unit was all about the seasons. Of course we did focus, by default, on fall - but we did talk all month about each season, why we have them, the differences between and features of all four seasons. (Thanks to Michigan's crazy weather, we pretty much got to experience the 'typical' weather of all four seasons throughout the month, too!)

I wanted to share a quick art activity we did last month. It's the typical "four seasons trees" project; here's what we did:

Each student got two large pieces of white paper, and a sheet of brown construction paper to start. They folded each white paper in half and essentially got four quadrants, one for each season. Art is always a great place to incorporate some fine motor work, so to make the trunks and branches of the trees, the kids had to use pincer grasps to rip and tear strips of their brown paper. You can see some students have more advanced skills in this area and can be more precise than others - I think the variety makes each tree look so unique!

I also like to use somewhat unconventional mediums/tools in our art. We decorated each tree according to the season:

Winter: painted glue with fingers (sensory!) and attached pulled-apart cotton ball "snow"
Spring: used the bottom of empty 20-oz. pop bottles to stamp "flowers" in pink paint (a pinterest idea)
Summer: used dish scrubbers dipped in green paint to stamp "leaves"
Fall: Dollar Tree fall leaf foam stickers (incorporating math - kids rolled two dice, found the sum, and used that many leaves on their tree - and yes, I just noticed one of kiddos in the photo I took added a few more leaves than is possible with two dice - whoops)

We also love music in our room and I often make a youtube playlist that pertains to our unit that we watch on our projector during arrivals/breakfast time. The youtube channels "Harry Kindergarten" and "Have Fun Teaching" are great resources to find videos. I always look for videos that appeal to my middle-school aged students. We don't do Barney, typical "kids' songs," or other cartoons in our room. Songs with a rap beat always are big hits! Our playlist for October included:

"If You Need to Know the Seasons" - the kids' favorite! This one is still in my head.

"Seasons of the Year" - another favorite.

"Four Seasons in a Year" by Harry Kindergarten

Ronda Crigger's "The Seasons"

"Four Seasons" - breaking my "no cartoons" rule for this one, but I liked the "tell me what season it is?" combined with a visual/scene of the season - several of my students really got into that.


  1. I love your songs! We had a lot of fun with last months unit on seasons. Would love to know if you find any songs or extras to go along with scientific inquiry! My kids loved the lesson on magnets


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