Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scientific Method songs/videos

When I posted about our seasons unit, I shared some videos/songs we'd used during our unit. A reader, Taron, asked me if I had found any songs to go along with November's scientific inquiry unit. I apologize, Taron, for not getting this post up earlier in the month - though November is almost over, I hope these are helpful finds for anyone who teaches young learners or sped students about the scientific method.

I found a lot of other songs about the scientific method were way too detailed and involved for my students (probably meant for high school science). But these were on our playlist this month:

"Scientific Method Song" by Have Fun Teaching:

My students liked this version of the same song with a class of "real kids" performing the song:

"The Scientific Method Rap" - I like the actual examples of each step.

"Hypothesis Song" by The Science Pirates

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  1. Thanks so much! My kids looooved this unit! Hope yours enjoyed it :)


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