Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tasty Tuesday (on a Thursday, again)

Maybe I should just rename this Tasty Thursday...we're still cooking in the classroom on Tuesdays, though. Before I talk about what we cooked this week, and the visual recipe we used, on my last Tasty Tuesday post, Brie from Breezy Special Ed asked me for some suggestions for limiting "down time" during recipe-making/cooking as a whole class. I responded to her on the post, but thought I would share my ideas here, as well - think of this as a continuation to my how-we-do-visual-recipes explanation:

-While each student is "in charge" of a certain step of the recipe, that only means they are essentially the point person - they are responsible for gathering the needed ingredients and figuring out exactly what needs to happen and directing classmates as appropriate.

-Many steps have several components to them, so other students are also involved. A recipe step that may say "add ingredient x, y, and z and stir," automatically involves at the very least 3 students (to measure/add each ingredient). Any time we need to stir, mix well, etc...we pass the bowl around to each student to stir or mix, so we are sure things get mixed well and so everyone gets a chance at working on most steps of the recipe.

-Higher functioning students are also in charge of either cleaning up prior steps of the recipe or prepping future steps while lower functioning students are working on more simple aspects of the recipe.

-When we measure, everyone is involved in checking the "point person's" work. For example, if someone has to add 4 tablespoons of an ingredient, we all count tablespoons out loud together.

-Higher functioning students/readers could be in charge of reading the recipe text steps to non-readers.

-Sensory is also a good way to involve everyone at various steps. As each ingredient is introduced, we look at it, we feel/touch it (if appropriate!) and most importantly we smell it. My students have now smelled cilantro, onion, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc...Many things they do not have much prior experience with. We use descriptive words to talk about what we feel, see and smell which is a nice way to get some literacy work in.

If anyone else who cooks/bakes with their class would like to give any other suggestions, or share what cooking looks like in their class, sped or otherwise, I'd love to hear!

This week, we had fun with a Pinterest-inspired recipe - Mini Tortilla Pizzas! These turned out great, and were fun to personalize for each student. I personally would have added some veggie options to the toppings, but knew I had no students who would choose them. As you can see, most of my students chose to add pepperoni, but some chose to stick with a plain cheese pizza.

You can get the visual recipe from my TPT store by clicking the image below:

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