Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Resolutions

I can't believe it's almost the New Year (goodness, it seems like my students just got used to saying the year is 2013!). Jessica from First Grade Nest is hosting a linky all about our New Year Resolutions, so I'm joining in!
Okay, I'll expand on some of those:

My first resolution - work out at least 4 days per week. I did pretty well with this during the first part of 2013 but it petered out and I'd like to get going with the workouts again. I really want to be healthier and lose some weight and working out regularly will be a big part of this.

My second resolution - make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. I am a real procrastinator, and my house suffers for it. I tend to leave everything for all at once, and then get overwhelmed. I have been looking for a system for a while, and I discovered the "Daily Planner (My Personal Assistant)" from Amy Bayliss' blog (scroll down for the free, editable download!). I'm excited about personalizing it for myself and trying it out.

My third resolution - blog at least 2 times per week. I do consider this a professional goal, since blogging has completely changed (for the better!) my teaching. It keeps me accountable and also gives me so many great ideas. Blogging also includes creating products for my classroom and TPT.

My fourth resolution - finish my basement remodel. I started this last winter - making my unfinished basement into a completely finished area with a laundry room, workout area, and most importantly - a customized teacher work area! It is complete except for blinds on the window (I hate the fishbowl feeling especially when working down there at night) and carpeting. My dog is afraid of the bare wood stairs, so carpeting the space - especially the stairs - is essential. I can't wait to finish the space, organize it, and be able to do all my school work/creating/blogging down there! I'll be sure to share photos when I'm done.

My fifth resolution - learn to knit or crochet. This is always been something I've wanted to learn, but now that I'm going to be an aunt for the first time come May, I'm itching to create some baby blankets or something! I actually picked up some practice yarn and a crochet hook (I hear crocheting is easier to learn than knitting) this weekend and am looking up youtube instructional videos. I'm very uncoordinated, so wish me luck!

Now for some goals that aren't on my official resolution list:

Be a great cooperating teacher. I am going to have my first student teacher starting in February, and I'm looking forward to the experience. I met her already last week, and she seems pretty fabulous and excited about working with my particular population of students. I am really hoping to provide her a fantastic experience in my classroom - and also learning from her! "Letting go" of my classroom for a while is going to be my biggest struggle...I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to my class (haha).

I'd love to explore more of the places Michigan has to offer, especially during the fall and summer. I live here, and don't take advantage of it like I should. Beaches, hiking trails, camping etc...Now that I have my dog, too, I want to find dog-friendly, in-state vacationing spots. I know there are a lot of places I could take great long weekends close by!

I love food and love cooking. I love finding new recipes to try! I'm generally very willing to try any food (except meat; I'm vegetarian) but I'd love to find more ways to enjoy quinoa.

My weakness is salty foods - specifically, chips. I want to give up having a snack of chips/salsa or something similar every night! Replacing it with something would be okay with me - I just want to be healthier when I snack.

I want to take more photos - especially in the classroom! I used to be much better at taking pictures of whatever we're doing in class. Not only do the parents love it when I give out a pack of photos of their kids at conference time, but it's a great informal way to keep records for myself, as well as a way to keep track of what we have and haven't done in class...which is especially helpful when I have my students for several years in a row! Not to mention, it helps with that whole blogging resolution thing :)

You can link up with your own resolutions and goals here:


  1. I loved reading your goals! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is super cute. I love the color scheme!!!


  2. Kara, I love your resolutions - I think I'm stealing some and making them my own too :)

    For sharing pictures on your blog, if you have an iPad, iPhone, there's an app called Blurr that is free for a limited time and allows you to blur out student's faces easily. I was quite excited when I discovered it!

    Happy New Year!

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