Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I'm back! Can't believe it's been three months...Here's what's been going on...

First off, I have my store on sale as part of the Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher Appreciation Sale, so check it out and use TPT's code to get 28% off my store:
banner by The 3am Teacher

Also, my store is on sale through Thursday, so if you miss the sale or just forget to pick something up, check me out tomorrow for 20% off.

I have a few new products recently and they're, of course, part of the sale (click images to see):

Paying at Burger King - Money task cards...these include differentiated task cards to work on counting/matching bills, counting/matching bills and coins together, and the "next dollar" concept to figure out if you have enough money. Great for older special education students who are still working at a lower level, but need motivating and especially age-appropriate tasks.

Visual Recipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bars - my newest visual recipe for sped or early childhood - in the same format of my other recipes.

Visual Recipes Mega Bundle - all my visual recipes (7 currently) in a bundle - discounted! As I add new visual recipes I'll add them to the bundle, so if you buy now you'll receive any subsequent recipes at no additional cost!

A few other things that have been happening in my classroom (more details on some of this to come - I wanted to briefly mention them here so I'll have a centralized list of things I want to blog about - I really want to get back to blogging regularly):

-I have had my first student teacher in my classroom this semester. She is extra-fabulous; it's been such a great experience. It is her last day in the classroom tomorrow. We'll miss her! I hope to post a little bit about having a student teacher sometime soon.

-We did a great Mother's Day gift today (and also made one as a goodbye surprise for our student teacher, as she was off today on required visits to other classrooms)...I'll have to post about it more tomorrow, since I forgot to take photos today - will have to do that before we wrap them up to send home for moms!

-Our classroom has been part of a pilot in our school to adapt and implement the Balanced Literacy (Four Blocks) program. We have really been enjoying it, but are still trying to work out how it's best going to fit our population of moderately to severely impaired students.

-I have also spent time on our school curriculum committee looking at the new Essential Elements (Common Core modified for low-incidence special ed). Something else we're trying to work out how best to implement it for our population of students. It is going to be mandatory for us soon, so we are trying to get a jump start.

-Our May unit is all about life cycles, so I'll be posting about our work with that, too - I just received my "grow your own butterflies" kit in the mail today!

I'm heading out for a family dinner tonight, but when I'm back, I'm going shopping at the sale! My wish list is primed! I'm also looking forward to blogging and reading/commenting much more :)

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