Sunday, August 10, 2014

Behavior Management with Hallmark Sound Buttons

For the past two years, I have used a clip chart and ticket-earning system for my class behavior management, and it's worked really well. (You can click here to read more about that system but basically it was a standard clip chart + earning system.)

I alluded to the changes in my classroom for the fall in my last Currently post. Basically, my class will be, on average and as a whole, significantly more lower-functioning than my classes have been in the past few years. Honestly, I can't see this system working, as-is, like it has the past two years. We are not going to be able to handle that much delayed gratification in our rewards for positive behavior! It took some kids 2 weeks to earn 10 tickets, which was fine for them, but that's just not going to do it with this group of kiddos, I'm sure. And for quite a few kiddos, non-tangibles are just not concrete enough to be motivating.

So: I'm doing away with my ticket system for next year. I'm going to keep the clip chart, but I will be much more systematic as to how I clip up or down. (Still figuring that part out.)

Under my old system, students earned a ticket when they ended the day on dark blue or purple (the top two options on the chart). Now, instead of earning a ticket, when they end the day on dark blue or purple, they'll get to push a button that makes a funny sound or saying:

Recognize these? How many of you use them in your classroom in any way? I think my students are really going to get a kick out of earning the fun of pushing one of these buttons at the end of the day! I'm trying to collect some more fun ones - so far I have:

-Staples "easy" button
-Hallmark Hoops and Yoyo "hey, you" button (hear what it sounds like)
-Hallmark Hoops and Yoyo "don't push!" button (hear what it sounds like)
-Hallmark Star Wars "laugh it up, fuzzball" button (hear what it sounds like)
-Hallmark Star Wars "you may fire when ready" button (hear what it sounds like)

(The teal box they're in - to match my new classroom decor - I found in the Target dollar spot!)

I've found them on Amazon for pretty cheap...I really want to get the Hamster of Happiness button but I can't seem to find it anywhere!

I'll be sure to report how my students do with this new modification of my clip chart when the new school year starts...I'm thinking they'll really like it! And it's not going to take much more time than our end of the day routine does currently. I also like that it's going to be a sneaky way to work on cause and effect/switch activation for my kiddos who need that...and it'll be something my new student who is blind will be able to fully participate in, as well!

**This isn't my original came from (where else?) Pinterest, but I can't for the life of me find the original pin and/or blog it came from! If I do find it, I'll be sure to link to give credit!


  1. I use the EASY button & 3 other ones I have. If a student has trouble w/ learning something (anything), is sitting & paying attention, etc, I get out a button & he gets to press it. It has saved me lots of $$ on prizes & even stickers. They love it!! Please let us know how it works for you.

    1. That's such a great way to use the buttons, Doreen! And bonus for saving a lot of money! Gotta love that!

  2. Thanks a lot for that information. That was really Intresting post.


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