Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week!

This is a super-exciting week! Not only is it my only week off of the summer (summer school ended on Thursday - hooray - and I go back for professional development next week), it's Teacher Week on blog hoppin'...

So, to link up for today's WHO:

Hi! I'm Kara, and I'm going into my 11th year of teaching (whew!). I teach at a center-based special education school and my students are 10-15 years old, and have severe multiple impairments (cognitive and physical, mostly). Now, here's 5 fun facts about my non-school life:

1. I'm an aunt for the first time, since May! I absolutely adore my niece! She's fantastic. I get to hang out with her every Tuesday evening (except tomorrow - she's on vacation with the other side of the family, sad face for Aunt Kara!) and I'm loving watching her grow!
My brother did a photoshoot for Aunt Kara and baby Sienna a few weeks ago. It's crazy how much bigger than this she is already!

2. I have a close group of friends from college - we all lived in the same dorm our freshman and sophomore years. In college, Thursday night was great TV night (think the era of Friends, Felicity, ER...) so we all hung out for study breaks together on Thursday evenings and binged on good TV. Now, 14 years later, the two friends who are still in town and I still keep Thursday nights sacred for Girls' Night! There's not much great on TV anymore, but we generally do a workout DVD, then make brownies (do those two cancel each other out??) and watch the latest Project Runway! I love Tim Gunn!
And, as it's our 10-year reunion year from college this year (!!) we are planning a huge reunion of our own next summer, when all of our friends from across the country will get back together! I can't wait!

3. I have a dog and two cats:
Goofy boy! My dog, Desmond, is a 4-year-old rescued, ex-racing greyhound. He is the laziest, sweetest, gentlest dog I know! Love him. He sleeps on my bed with me and takes up most of it if he has his way.
This picture of my cats, Max and Zeke, cracks me up. They go absolutely crazy for they only get it on their birthday and Christmas. They are 7 and are my lasting "rebound relationship" - I got them as kittens after a tough breakup (with a guy who was not an animal lover!) 7 years ago. It's definitely worked out for us! :)
That about sums it up :)

4. I love to read. I currently am in the middle of 4 different books, and have many others sitting around my house (and loaded on my Nook) just waiting for me to read. My best friend, who teaches 7th grade language arts, made it a goal of hers to read 100 books during the past school year - and she met her goal! I was so impressed and inspired. I started tracking my reading (not feeling up to making quite as lofty a goal as hers, yet) and so far I've read 32 books in 2014.
I use the Goodreads app on my phone to track my reading and to keep a list of books I want to read. I'd be happy to share favorites from this year if anyone wants!

5. I'm happily single (see: #3; dog sleeps on my bed!) but my sister-in-law recently convinced me to join eharmony. It's been an interesting experience so far and there seem to be some great guys on there, but I've not met the "right one" yet! I am glad I didn't wait until I really, really wanted to be dating someone to join an online dating site (as I'd always said I'd wait for), because it can be overwhelming at times and there's a lot of waiting involved! I trust God will bring the right guy for me in the right time....if at all! Like I said, I'm happily single, truly. (Which confuses some people - especially when I say I'm a teacher. I don't know why!)'s also a really exciting week because of this:
Displaying SPEDgiveawaybutton.jpg
That's right - 24 sped teachers, including myself, are having a freebie blog hop and giveaway extravaganza, and it all starts tomorrow! Check who's participating:
Displaying spedgiveawaycollage.jpg
So be sure to stop by tomorrow and grab a bunch of special ed freebies and enter the giveaways!

And...this week is also TPT's one-day back to school boost sale! On Wednesday, use TPT's code BOOST at checkout to get their discount - my store will be 20% off that day, too!

What a week!

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