Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Currently, and near-future blogging plans

I'm a bit late to this party, and I still can't believe it's already October!

Listening: I'm kind of obsessed with HGTV shows. They're my go-to while working on lessons or products! I get to live vicariously through all these people who buy great houses and/or renovate. I'd love to be able to buy my "dream" house one day!

Loving and Wanting: It has gotten so cold here! I'm still refusing to turn on the heat, so I'm bundling up and eating a lot of soup! I have these fantastic ingredients sitting on the counter for my dinner - I'm making myself finish my prep for this week, as well as this blog post, before I make my super-easy, super-delicious miso soup! Nothing like soup as a motivator!

Thinking: After seeing and hearing about Stitch Fix on so many of your blogs, I decided to give it a try. I hate clothes shopping, so I'm looking forward to someone else doing it for me! I got this great email a couple days ago, and I should have my first "Fix" on Wednesday - I can't wait!

Needing: Our October unit is "America Long Ago" - I've been kind of uninspired as of yet (it doesn't help that I think they should do this unit in November, since it features Squanto and the Pilgrims, etc...). I need to finalize plans. This may be a "light" month in using our curriculum (which I am lucky to be able/allowed to do at my school) since we have a lot of other "stuff" going on at school this month, anyway.

Trick or Treat: I am in the middle of three or four different, new products right now, so I did not create any new 'treat' - but here is an "oldie but goodie" freebie from me - a math center activity to go with the book "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything!" Click to snag the freebie:

I love this monthly linky - go ahead and check out other bloggers' October thoughts here:

Finally, in my post title, I promised some of my blogging plans for the near future. So, I've decided to schedule out some posts - because otherwise, I've been finding it difficult to blog when I actually "plan" on blogging. If I have a bank of posts set, I think it'll definitely work better for me now. Upcoming posts are mostly inspired by recent comments, emails and questions I've received (if I've not responded to a comment or email you've sent recently, I'm sorry - it's coming!):

-Circle Time/Morning Meeting - how it works in my room
-Unique Learning System (ULS) - our curriculum and how I organize/use it
-Question of the Day - this is actually one of the products I'm in the middle of creating, and I'll talk more about how I do Question of the Day in my room and what additions/new ideas I've had while creating a product for it

...and more. Stay tuned!
Now I'm off to make my miso soup for a late dinner!
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