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You can find all of my products - the majority of which are freebies - on my TPT store:
 - Special Education -
My most recent freebies are social stories to help students choose appropriate clothing for the winter. You can find them for free here:

All the proceeds from my store go directly back into my classroom - I use 100% of the money I earn to purchase supplies, TPT products, and other things for my classroom - so you can always know the money you are spending on my products is going to my students!

My most recent paid product is a literature study packet for the beginning chapter book "Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride." You can find it for only $4.00 here:

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  1. Hey Kara,

    Awesome theme for your blog, and it is full of wonderful information! Would you like to be a guest blogger on my blog, A Tender Teacher for Special Needs? If so, please e-mail me at I hope to hear from you!

    Teaching with TLC,


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